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Our Top Stars

Our MC/DJs will give you unique, interactive ideas in an effort to include your friends and family in your Wedding celebration.

Our goal is not to be the life of the party, but to bring life TO your party!

Salsa Station Pic 1.jpg
Salsa Station Photo Booth.jpg
Dancing on the Cloud & Cold Sparks Pic.jpg

Here are a few of the Optional Upgrades/Enhancements we offer:

Salsa Selfie Stations

Photo Slideshows

Dancing on the Cloud

Cold Sparks

Equipment Rentals


Custom Monogram

Love Story

Lawn Games

Party Packs

...and more!

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Lawn Games.jpg
Love Cake Uplights.jpg
Guitar Pic.jpg
April & Josh Guitar Pic.jpg
Uplights & Monogram.jpg
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