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Tips to hiring an MC/DJ for a Wedding or Event

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Music and Entertainment are one of the MOST important elements that shape a Wedding or Event. Hiring an MC/DJ can be a daunting task (i.e. most people have never hired an MC/DJ before). However, with a good plan, you can face the situation with ease using these steps to help you hire the right MC/DJ.

1. Consider Experience: Professional experience is a factor to consider when hiring an MC/DJ. If for a Wedding, you will want to leave your one-and-only Wedding Day to a professional MC/DJ that will give you their best. Consider hiring the Owner of a company or an MC/DJ with at least 10+ years of experience.  All of our MC/DJs have a minimum of 10 years of experience, with most of them having more than 20!

2. References/Testimonials: Ask the MC/DJ you are looking to hire to share some of their references and testimonials from past clients. Or ask to email a few past clients the company worked with.

3. Pricing: The national average for a professional Wedding MC/DJ can range somewhere between $1,000 and $3,500.*  You don't necessarily have to choose the least expensive; but we do suggest choosing the Entertainment who can satisfy the needs of the type of Event you are having.  *(Sources:,

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